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Welcome to visit our web site!

Shinhae Industries, Inc. is leading manufacturer and exporter in 4 business sections, Rubber business, Machine business, Mold business and Trading business. We can provide our customers with below mentioned rubber products, machines and molds as follows;

1. Rubber business
1) Customer molded rubber products
2) Rubber sheets and sponge sheets
3) Rubber aprons & cots
4) Rubber hoses
5) Rubber tiles and blocks
6) Rubber V-belts
7) Rubber conveyor belts
2. Machine business
1) Machines for Tire plant
2) machines for Tube Plant
3) Machines for Rubber plant
4) Blast machines
5) Packing machines
3. Mold business
1) Rubber molds
2) Plastic injection & blow molds
3) Shoe molds
4) Other molds(Press molds, etc.)
4. Trading business
1) Auto spare parts
2) Pipe couplings
3) Inner tubes
4) Test equipments
5) Other products

To provide customers with best quality products, most reasonable prices and timely delivery, all our staffs have been doing our best efforts to supply above items to our customers successfully based on our long and accumulated experience.
So we have changed our company name as "ShinHae" which means "New Oceans" to cover our all businesses. We promise to play a role as a company that contributes to the economic growth of Korea and World.
We understand that our continuous efforts for the advanced technology and better service for the customers should be kept on and on for the years to come.

Thank you for your continuous interest and encouragement.

Sincerely yours,

Shinhae Industries, Inc.

Brad Jung / Managing Director