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Braking Parts
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Molded rubber parts for all types of applications custom produced according to specifications.

We maintain a positive attitude toward innovative technologies and challenges to develop first class rubber materials with high precision and high quality.

Our capabilities start where mass production of rubber articles stops.



 Joint Seals

 Rubber Bushings

  Bellows & Elbows

Rubber Cups

Rubber Pads


We do our best to ensure that our customers alwarys set the highest quality parts possible, and we pay particular attentionto our oversesa customers.

The Scope of raw materials used extends from classic natural rubber to exotic synthetic elastomers.

Pump Casings
Rubber-Line Impellers

Pinch Rollers & Idlers
Bonded Parts

Tires & Wheels,Gears
Rubber Products Steel Bonded

For better world we try to create new and better technologies, and all these are given to our customers in overseas and domestic.

You need not hesitate to ask us anything else you need.
We are always ready to meet your requirements.

Flex-Seal Coupling
Designation of Coupling Designation of pipe
1 - 1/4"32A
1 - 1/2"40A
2 X 1-2/1"50 X 40A
3" X 2"75 X 50A
4" X 3"100 X 75A
6" X 4150 X 100A